Technical specifications of the BioWall

The architecture of the BioWall was designed to be perfectly scalable. The basic physical unit is a printed circuit board containing 5x5=25 molecules. The boards can be seamlessly joined to form a surface of any dimension.
Throughout the lifetime of the BioWall, several different sizes and shapes have been set up and displayed. The following is a list of the main versions of the BioWall.

BioWall 3200
Size: 20x160=3200 molecules
32M equivalent logic gates
5.6m(W) x 0.65m(D) x 1.9m(H)
Status: This version was designed specifically to display the full Counter application in the Villa Reuge. After the museum's closing, it was taken apart, to be replaced by the BioWall 2000 and 4000 (see below).

BioWall 2000
Size: 25x80=2000 molecules
20M equivalent logic gates
2.8m(W) x 0.65m(D) x 1.9m(H)
Status: Two such machines are in use. One is essentially meant to be used as a platform for the development of new applications. It is located in the LSL and can be visited by appointment. The other is on permanent display at the EPFL (see Events page).

Size: 10x15=150 molecules
1.5M equivalent logic gates
54cm(W) x 44cm(D) x 20cm(H)
Status: This is the portable version of the BioWall, designed for demonstrations in places where the full machine cannot be displayed. It can work as a standalone unit or connected to a PC.

BioWall 4000
Size: 25x160=4000 molecules
40M equivalent logic gates
5,6m(W) x 0.65m(D) x 1.9m(H)
Status: This version was designed specifically for the Telecom'03 conference in October 2003 in Geneva (see Events page).