Synopsis Synthesis Instructions 

  1. Create a vhdl directory (mkdir vhdl)

  2. Copy the following files (on UNIX use your right mouse button to do this):


  3. Synthesis: Run the Synopsys tool:

    %>  design_analyzer & 
    • In menu FILE, choose Analyze and select the vhd files to synthesize (*_ent.vhd and *_arch.vhd).
    • The first time you must click on  "Create New Library if it Doesn't Exist" in the "Analyze File" dialog box.
    • Elaborate 
    • Click on the symbol generated by the Elaborate command 
    • Select menu Tools/Design Optimization 
    • Select menu Setup/Command Window 
    • Write in the command window: replace_fpga -force 
    • Save as xnf -> *.sxnf 
    • syn2xnf *.sxnf -p 5210pq208-6) 
    • Go to project directory and copy the xnf file 
    • Create WIR file:  

                 %> xnf2wir *.xnf 

    • Create schematic file (and symbol):

                 %> viewgen *.[wir] [-makesym] 

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