How to Get to LSL

Accessing by Plane

    Since unfortunately Lausanne does not have an airport to speak of, visitors planning to arrive by plane will have to land in Genève (the closest), Zürich (the largest), or Basel (Bâle in French), and from there proceed to Lausanne either by train or by car.

    To get an idea of the location of the above airports in relation to Lausanne, you can take a look at a small map of Switzerland.

    One possible alternative is to land in Paris, France, and take the high-speed TGV train directly to Lausanne (see the train section of this document below).

Accessing by Car

    Highways are labelled by green signs in Switzerland.

    A small map of Switzerland will give you an idea of how to get to Lausanne. A map of Lausanne shows you the way to the EPFL. Finally, the EPFL map pinpoints our Laboratory's location.

    For more information please contact our secretary.

Accessing by Train

    Using the public transportation is an excellent way to travel in Switzerland. See the Swiss Railway server for details and timetables.

    A map of Lausanne shows you which metro you have to take to reach the EPFL. The way from the metro station to our Laboratory is indicated on the map of the EPFL campus.

Plan d'orientation détaillé de l'EPFL

    Cliquer ici pour trouver n'importe quel bâtiment ou local de l'EPFL (en français uniquement).

Last updated: July 17, 2002.
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