Wolfram's Rule 110
In this experiment, the BioWall develops patterns produced by evolution according to Wolfram's Rule 110. The visitor can modify any cell state of the first column and thus evolve the configuration of the patterns.

Evolving patterns

The implementation of Wolfram's Rule 110 involves a uniform one-dimensional cellular automaton. According to this rule, the automaton develops patterns produced by evolution from any initial configuration. The patterns obtained after many steps appear as particle-like structures superimposed on a periodic background.

Instructions for use

In the BioWall implementation of Wolfram's Rule 110, the visitor can always modify the on and off state of any cell of the first column to the left, which is made up of 100 cells. In order to perform this change, one of the second to the fifth membranes from the left must be pressed. Each state change produces then an evolution of the configuration which propagates to the right.

For further information
  • S.Wolfram. A New Kind of Science, Wolfram Media Inc., Champaign IL, 2002.


Wolfram's rule 110 on the BioWall.
© E. Petraglio

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Wolfram's rule 110 on the BioWall.
© E. Petraglio

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