This site is dedicated to the description of the GENSTORM project carried on in the Logic Systems Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

In the next paragraphs, you will find an introduction to this project. In this site, you will also find a Tutorial about sequence comparison algorithms and their implementations with a systolic architecture, a Description of the project and its current State.


The world wide research effort to understand the biomolecular mechanism of living beings has the consequence to generate a huge amount of information. The evolution of the quantity of data is exponential and double every year. The computing power needed to extract interesting facts from these data is correspondingly increasing.


The solution proposed to diminish the computation time is to design a coprocessor dedicated to this specific task. It has been shown that the algorithms used for exhaustive sequence alignment and pattern searching are well suited for a systolic architecture implementation. Moreover, it has been shown that an implementation using FPGAs brings the advantage of an hardware solution without many of its drawbacks.


The feasibility and the concept of a custom machine has been demonstrated. The aim of this project is to provide biologist with a fully working dedicated computer for real and useful fast sequences comparison and analysis. This implies not only an architectural definition of the computing part for the algorithms used, but also the improvement of the I/O system, and the integration in the existing network resources.


This project is carried on with the collaboration of the ISREC (Swiss Institute for Experimental Research for Cancer) Bioinformatics Groups

Part of this project has been sponsored by the UNIL-EPFL found which support collaboration between the University of Lausanne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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