The GENSTORM project is aimed at provide a powerful plateform for sequence comparison and pattern matching. This project will result in the GENSTORM machine.

In the next paragraph, you will find information about the main components of the machine. In this server, you can also find a tutorial about sequence comparison.

General architecture

The architecture of GENSTORM is composed of one or several computing card(s), a disk controller specialised for sequence storage, and a host machine. All the components are glued together with a VME bus.

Calculation card

The calculation cards form a linear network of elementary processing units implemented in FPGA. Each card has the following architecture :


A card is composed by 8 computing FPGAs and 1 control FPGA, several blocks of global memory used during transfer with the host computer. Each computing FPGA has its own local memory.

A VME controller is implemented with an Actel A1225. This controller is also used to program the FPGAs

Disk controller

The disk controler has the following architecture :

The card can control two independent SCSI buses which are linked via double buffering and a interface FPGA to the calculation cards. The control of the card is carried on by a 32 bit microprocessor. The card communicate with the host computer with a VME bus.


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